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About KSS

Legal Services for international clients in Thailand

Kamthorn Surachet & Somsak was established in 1984. The firm developed from its predecessor, Vertley & Kamthorn, serving international clients in Thailand. In early 1990, the firm’s ownership passed to all Thai partners who proudly manage the firm and the firm's name was changed to Kamthorn Surachet & Somsak, following the retirement of Mr. James Vertley and the inclusion of new partners.

The firm originally made its name as a specialist in small to medium-sized corporate and entrepreneurial companies, in corporate practice, investment, finance and banking, taxation, real estate, immigration, labour, intellectual property and commercial legal matters. The firm's litigation practice is also a major area of expertise. This includes commercial disputes, commercial crimes, commercial and contractual claims, arbitration, tax controversies prosecution and enforcement of intellectual property rights. However, their highly specialized and personalized services with sophisticated professional personnel has currently drawn a substantial number of large-sized corporations to their services.

The firm's clients include multinational corporations international NGOs, manufacturers, service providers, airlines, governments, advertising agencies, real estate developers, private power producers, international software developers, caterers, hoteliers, production houses, etc.

The firm enjoys memberships in numerous domestic and international professional organizations.