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Corporate Practice

The firm handles all types of corporate set up and registrations works, be it for profit seeking companies or non-profit organizations.  The firm also handles investment promotion works and registration of foreign business offices whether under Foreign Business Act, Thai-US Treaty or other free trade agreements. The services of the firm in this area includes providing legal advice for determining the most advantageous corporate vehicle or structure for new company, joint venture, business acquisition, etc., in light of all relevant laws and regulations, transaction planning as well as implementing and executing the plan for ultimate benefits of the clients.

Employment and Labour Disputes

The firm provides legal services relating to all aspects of legal matters between employers and employees and comprehensive legal advice on all labour matters ranging from negotiation and preparation of employment contracts, termination of employment, disciplinary procedures, negotiation of compensation claims, collective agreements negotiations and labour litigation.

Tax Planning and Taxation

The firm provides tax planning services and advice on the consequence of individual and corporate ventures, M&A, real property transactions and taxation issues arising from international trade and commercial transactions. The firm also represents its clients before courts and governmental authorities on various tax matters.


Focal areas of this practice include formalities in relation to employment of aliens working in Thailand as well as applications for work permits, visas, re-entry permits, resident permits, naturalization and related government approvals.

Commercial Legal Matters

The firm offers a full range of services relating to domestic commercial law, with extensive legal expertise and a wide range of experience in drafting and advising upon commercial contracts of all kinds. The firm's lawyers have wide-ranging expertise in a variety of fields of practice


The firm's practice in this area is mainly in starting from scratch with the investigation of titles, drafting and reviewing of documentation relating to property of all kinds including conveyances, leases, mortgages and all types of commercial property transactions and development projects.

A leading law firm providing legal solutions nationwide.

The firm originally made its name as a specialist in small to medium-sized corporate and entrepreneurial companies

Meet our lawyers

Our Partners

Premprecha Dibbayawan
Premprecha Dibbayawan

he started his professional career in 1965 as legal advisor to many long established law firms in Bangkok, such as International Legal Counsellors Thailand Ltd. (Kaplan Russin & Vecchi) and Marut Bunnag International Law Office. Before joining the firm as the Senior Partner

Kamthorn Ounhirunskul
Kamthorn Ounhirunskul

He has an extensive knowledge and training background in tax, investment and intellectual property and is particularly familiar with the legal aspects of acquisitions and joint ventures.

Surachet Limpairoj
Surachet Limpairoj

He is widely experienced in handling high profile civil and criminal litigation. Surachet's other areas of specialty are construction law and intellectual property litigation.

Somsak Chalermisrachai
Somsak Chalermisrachai

He now specializes in matters of property and real estate, including the financial arrangements for these. He has assisted a good number of developers and industrialists alike to set up successful development projects in Thailand from scratch

Peter Shuler
Peter Shuler

He is admitted to practice law in the State of New York and his professional affiliations include memberships in the International Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association and the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

Sunee Srichantra
Sunee Srichantra

She handles high profile litigation. In addition, her expertise is also in the handling of matters related to intellectual property, rehabilitation-debt restructuring and insolvency.

Anuchai Autchayawat
Anuchai Autchayawat

A Thai national graduate of Thammasat University, receiving his LL.B. in 1984 and a Graduate Diploma in Business Law in 1988. In 1991, he earned a Master of Law in International Legal Studies from the Washington College of Law, The American University in Washington D.C. His expertise includes prosecution of intellectual property in and outside of Thailand, regularly assisting over 30 international firms in prosecuting their intellectual property rights.

Narumon Boonthanom1
Narumon Boonthanom

A Thai national, graduated from Thammasat University.  Narumon received her LL.B. in 1984. Narumon specialises in corporate laws and registrations with extensive experience assisting clients in setting up all forms of corporate structures and corporate restructuring.

Rungsaeng Kittayapong, Ph.D.1
Rungsaeng Kittayapong, Ph.D.

He had extensive experience as a public prosecutor before participating in a leading international firm to practice in mergers and acquisitions, banking, finance, securities, litigation, arbitration and government contracts

Wachira Pruekpaiboon1
Wachira Pruekpaiboon

He had extensive experience in handling civil and criminal litigation for the Office of Civil Rights Protection and Legal Aid, the Office of the Attorney General and the Foundation for Consumers.

Nijprapa Talabnark1
Nijprapa Talabnark

Nijprapa’s area of expertise is in the handling of civil litigation, among which include commercial disputes, commercial and contractual claims, labour disputes, as well as business-related criminal litigation, insolvency, arbitration proceedings and contracts

Jade Donavanik, Ph.D.1
Jade Donavanik, Ph.D.

He completed his post doctoral research program with the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Patent, Copyright, and Competition Law in Germany. He is currently Dean of Graduate School of Law, Siam University

Manothai Pramoj1
Manothai Pramoj

A Thai national, graduate of Ramkhamhaeng University. He received his LL.B. in 1995. He has since practiced as an intellectual property litigator.

Pakorn Ounhirunskul
Pakorn Ounhirunskul

He is a Thai national and a litigation partner, specializing in commercial litigation and dispute resolution. His practice includes construction cases and handling disputes in international transactions before both Thai courts and international arbitration tribunals

Screenshot 2566-05-26 at 01.43.38
Thasanai Chaiyakwaeng

Thasanai’s experience over the past 27 years includes among other matters in high profile litigation, alternative dispute resolution, government relations, construction and contracts. His expertise in all the areas in which he practices includes resolving complicated situations as a litigator, arbitrator, reconciliator and advisor.

He earned an advanced certificate in legal assistance from St. Petersburg College, Florida, in the United States. He started his career at Thongbai Thongpao & Associates. Khun Thongbai is a Magsaysay laureate whose ideology and philosophy was adopted by Khun Thasanai. Khun Thasanai served as the Vice President for International Affairs of the Lawyers Council of Thailand Under the Royal Patronage and is a member of more than 10 committees and subcommittees reviewing developing laws and receiving and reviewing grievances.

Surachai Kasemchaichutiphan1
Surachai Kasemchaichutiphan

A Thai National, graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University. He received his LL.B. in 1992.  He specializes in labour, bankruptcy and all litigation related laws.  Surachai has been assisting Surachet and Sunee in regard to all litigation proceedings and is now a litigation partner.

Apinya Ngammor1
Apinya Ngammor

A Thai national, graduated from Thammasat University.  Apinya received her LL.B. in 2002 and an LL.M. in International Trade Law from Thammasat University in 2007.  She specializes in tax, corporate and foreign business laws.

Ekapat Anugkakul
Ekapat Anugkakul

A Thai national, graduated from Thammasat University.  Ekapat received his LL.B in 2009.  He specializes in corporate, foreign business, investment promotion and non-profit organization laws.  He has set up regional offices of international non-profit organizations in Thailand from scratch and assisted them in all kinds of registrations and reporting.

Our Associates

Sirimongkol Taraporn1
Sirimongkol Taraporn

He joined the firm as an intern in the real-estate department and has now become an expert in this field in addition to immigration and alien occupation law that he now practices

Ketmuk Areepon
Ketmuk Areepon

A Thai national, graduated from RamkhamhaengUniversity. She received her LL.B. in 1991. With Sirimongkol, Ketmuk assists Anuchai in his department with files regarding immigration and alien occupation matters.

Krittapot Sunthornphak
Krittapot Sunthornphak

He gained a Certificate of Intellectual Property Law from the Case Western Reserve University School of Law in 2005.Krittapot assistsAnuchai in handling all of intellectual property matters.

Screenshot 2566-05-26 at 02.04.00
Yosaphon Hanvichaivatthana

A Thai national, graduated from Thammasat University with second class honors. Yosaphon received his LL.B in 2020 and became Barrister at Law under Thai Bar Association in 2022. He has been assisting Narumon, Apinya and Ekapat and other colleagues in the firm in corporate registrations, legal studies and various kinds of researches.

Screenshot 2566-05-26 at 02.52.45
Kachaporn Chuenruethai

A Thai national, graduated from Assumption University. Kachaporn earned her LL.B. in2014 and received her LL.M. from National Institute of Development Administration in 2019. She has been assisting Narumon, Apinya and Ekapat and other colleagues in the firm in corporate registrations, legal studies and various kinds of researches.

Akkraphat Thirawat

A Thai national, graduated from Chulalongkorn University. Akkraphat received his LL.B. in 2018 He has been assisting Narumon, Apinya and Ekapat and other colleagues in the firm in corporate registrations, legal and tax studies and various kinds of researches.

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